Kantar Worldpanel has published a new series of figures related to the smartphone sales in USA, showing that 21% of them were phablets. The iPhone 6 Plus leads the sales, but let’s learn more details in the following lines.


The evolution to 21% is huge, considering that in the first quarter of 2014 phablets stood for just 6% of all smartphone sales in the US. The iPhone 6 Plus represented about 44% of all phablets sold in the US during the first 3 months of the year. Also, the iPhone 6 Plus manage to represent 9.24% of ALL smartphones sold in USA over the first quarter of the year.

Even without Apple’s phablet, the other models account for 11.7% of all handsets sold in the same time frame. Of course, people still buy smaller size phones and Kantar’s search shows that 43% of iPhone customers and 47% of Android customers mention screen size as the main reason for buying a smartphone. Another interesting pair of stats shows that at AT&T iPhones accounted for 59% of all smartphone sales in Q1 2015, while the percentage was 50% on Sprint.

What do you think of this study and the iPhone 6 Plus’ popularity?