Apple has kicked off a new promotional campaign for the iPad, launching both a microsite and a series of ads, both video and poster ones. The aim here is to let people know about the things they can do with an iPad… as if they didn’t know already.


The campaign has the tagline “Everything Changes with iPad” and it’s very well done. It’s simple, vaguely emotional and manages to cover a lot of public segments. You can watch people learning, working, redecorating, taking pictures and playing with the slate in the quite long ad below. The microsite, which you can access here, includes 5 sections that show iPad apps for cooking, learning, small business, traveling and redecorating.


There’s also a sixth section telling you “why you’ll love the iPad”. For those of you wondering, the song that plays in the video ad is “Unbelievers” from the band Modern Vampires of the City. In a time when Apple Watch gets all the headlines, Apple is smart enough to remind everyone that they have some other killer products to sell. And probably an iPad Pro too soon enough…