Panasonic just unveiled the UT-PB1 e-reader, a device that’s a bit closer to the tablet segment than the e-book readers. This model was showcased as the e-Book Expo Tokyo this year, although not all details have been revealed.

Now, the slate gets detailed with everything we need to know about it. We’re dealing with a 7 inch color touchscreen unit, that will debut in Japan on August 10th, with a retail price of $444 and featuring over 600 e-books. This model runs on Android OS, thanks to a dual core CPU of unknown flavor.

The Android software has been customized by Panasonic and more details about the hardware include a 400 gram weight, 8GB of storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, microSDHC and support for various types of video and audio files. Even web and email apps are given a go, so this is more than a reading device.