There’s foldable phones and then there’s Oppo’s experiments. The Chinese company seems set create new formats, as they’re ready to borrow the pop up camera from the Oppo Reno and put it to work on a future foldable phone. Fresh patents and sketches reveal exactly that, as shown in the renders below.

They come from Letsgodigital, a Dutch site that usually renders unlaunched devices in patent form. Oppo has been working on a foldable phone for a while now and they really want to create a Huawei Mate X rival and a Galaxy Fold one. The foldable part of the machine feels like an accordion, down the middle and we seem to be getting an outward folding design here.

The novelty is the elevating camera, though. Unlike the Oppo Reno diagonally raising camera, this one has a pretty standard vertical pop up affair. The Oppo patent was published on June 7th and the aim is to remove all bezels, by having the camera at the top. If I can say so, it hasn’t saved much bezel space, since those are still pretty thick in the renders.

Turns out that the marks on the renders also show the pop up camera features two sensors and a flash. Oppo’s innovation for the past year included its 10x zoom phone, fast charging and even some 5G phones. Seeing how they’re a top 5 phone maker, I’m sure they can handle foldables well.