The first Xiaomi tablet was a long time coming and it’s finding it hard to get a successor. That’s probably the approach OnePlus will follow, if they ever make a tablet, which is… let it stew. Some leaks, hints and rumors in that regard exist and today we learn that the OnePlus “Tab” may come on October 29th.


We know that said date is associated to the OnePlus X/OnePlus Mini debut, but there’s always the chance of something else new. Rumors talk about names like OnePlus T or OnePlus Tab for the product and this would be a very bold launch from a company that surely knows tablets are not doing so well this year, cannibalized by phablets. We could see a OnePlus Tab model with an 8 inch or 9.5 inch screen, somewhere inbetween the popular formats.

The CPU inside could be a Snapdragon 810, which hasn’t been seen on many tablets, accompanied by 3 GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of storage. An 8 or 5 megapixel camera could round up the package, together with an USB Type C port, a fingerprint scanner, big speakers and beefy battery. If they want to leave a mark, the battery should offer at least 4500 or 4800 mAh in capacity.

The price should also be around $400 or $450 tops, although that’s quite big for a model that doesn’t have one major selling point. People may feel tempted to go with the Nokia N1 for example. Odds are that OnePlus won’t launch such a product, but it’s good to be prepared.