Every time I write about the One Mix 2S Yoga and other related products, I feel the need to remind everyone that this Yoga device is not a Lenovo. We already knew this was one of the real handheld PCs on the market with Core CPUs and now it also gets a Core i7 version. Let’s check it out.

So first of all, Sony Vaio comparison are to be expected, maybe some GPD ones too. The One Netbook One Mis 2S Yoga (a mouthful for sure) is a pocked-sized computer with a 7 inch Full HD touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard. It’s got a convertible tablet-style format and it lets you flip the screen back, in order to alternate between tablet and laptop mode.

The device was first made available last year and it was available in two configs: the one with the Intel Core m3-7Y30 Kaby Lake CPU and the one with a Core m3-8100Y Amber Lake CPU. Now we’re not even jumping to Core i3 or i5, but rather straight to a Core i7-8500Y Amber Lake. There’s also 512 GB of SSD storage on board, double the amount of the initial models.

GeekBuying is already taking preorders for the sum of $1200. By the way, you also get 8 GB of RAM. The cheaper units with Core m3 chips are $650 and $670. I should probably mention it’s not a full fledged Core i7, but rather a 5 watt low power unit. You can get the Core i7 one here.