Apple has been preparing a transition between the iPad and Mac for a while now, with multiple rumors talking about a hybrid for years. Today we get extra info about this initiative and it seems that Apple is hell bent on bridging the gap between iPads and Macs, or at least having them work together.

New reports are saying that Apple is working on a new feature codenamed “Sidecar”, that will allow Mac users to set up the iPad as a second screen, that extends the desktop functionality. The feature is rumored to be arriving as soon as Mac 10.15 and it’ll require iOS 13 on the iPad to work properly. The option will be activated on a Mac by hovering the green “maximize” button on a Mac window.

Basically, you will mirror the Mac screen on the iPad, letting you use the touchscreen to manipulate and annotate stuff as needed. We’ll learn more at WWDC 2019 in June, but I have so many questions. It’s not clear if everything happens wirelessly or not (probably does) and if it’s truly a remote work situation or just a mirroring.

It would be nice to actually extend the desktop to the iPad and use it as an extra work space, but that means working on two separate OS within the same environment. The stylus will come into play too. Many people may compare this to the Luna Display solution, which may be canned to make room for Apple’s own invention. The Luna Display lets Mac users use the iPad as an external display.

Luna will probably be gone…