We know that the iPad is a popular tablet, but how well is it doing among ALL computing devices? Well, it even stands its own in front of PCs, with a recent Canalys report showing that in Q4 2012 one in 6 PCs shipped was an iPad. Worldwide PC shipments grew 12% on year in Q4 2012, reaching 134 million units, with tablets accounting for a third of that.


Apple leads the PC market, with 27 million units shipped and reaching a share of over 20% for the first time. HP reached 15 million PCs, with Lenovo getting beat with 200k units for the second place. Samsung reached the top five with 11.7 million PCs. The notebook market continues to limp, with flat volumes in the last quarter of 2012. Windows 8’s launch and holiday sales didn’t have a big effect on sales, apparently. The tablet segment grew a huge 75% to 46.2 million units in Q4, while the total shipments for 2012 was 114.6 million units.

Apple’s growth in the quarter seems to be been driven by the iPad Mini and its strong demand. It’s the cheaper iPad you can get after all, at $329. The only problem Apple had was with the supplies and stocks. Canalys estimates that the Mini made up over half of Apple’s total tablet shipments.