If you own an iPad you must’ve used it at least once on your toilet, or loo if you’re British. Well, as you try to avoid dropping it on the marble floor, there’s an accessory to aid you with that. Meet the iPad Pedestal, that integrates the slate on top of the toilet paper support.


From my bathroom knowledge, usually the toilet paper is on the side of the toilet, so I wonder how you can use the iPad if it’s to your side. I find it hard to believe that people would place the toilet paper stand in front of the loo, but anyway, the accessory looks cute. CTA Digital is behind this product, that’s well designed an fits two purposes at once: dispenses toilet paper and lets you use the iPad.

The iPad Pedestal Stand features a flexible neck, that reminds me of a shower or maybe a night lamp. The product goes for $45 and I can only see it taking off in certain pubs and bars, not exactly in the average user’s house. At least it’s reasonably cheap… Would you use such a thing in your bathroom?