With Samsung Galaxy S II already getting Android 4.0 in some parts of the world, it’s now time for the Samsung Galaxy Note to head to that update and already there’s a major leak of a build with ICS. Luckily this is an AT&T official build, that somehow reached the interwebs.

RootzWiki is responsible with this leak, that reached them this week and allowed them to test the latest Android on the biggest Samsung “smartphone” out there. Last I heard Sammy delayed the update to Q2 of this year and also promised a “premium” suite of S Pen apps. This leaked ROM is a hint that we’re approaching the final release build, but sadly it doesn’t offer those premium apps meant for S Pen interaction. Among the things that changed we find the fact that the Samsung Planner is now Calendar and the new calendar widgets include Month, Mini Task, 3 Day Task, Mini today, Agenda, Task and Mini Agenda.

There’s also a new Samsung Memo widget in the mix. The ROM seems to be working fine, except for the usual minor bugs and know that you can flash it using the Odin utility for the PC if you can’t wait any longer. Of course, as usual it’s recommended that you know what you’re doing.