If I had to pick two of the most updated tablets I’ve ever seen, those would have to be the Surface models and the NVIDIA Shield ones. The NVIDIA Shield Tablet is probably the most famous gaming tablet and we learned that it has received a new software upgrade to version 4.2.


This one features in the changelog compliance with Android 6.0 Professional Audio requirements, which means that basically you’re getting low latency audio, MIDI over USB and Bluetooth 24 bit 192 kHz stereo, as well as 7.1 HDMI output. It also provides more responsive in game audio and the same applies to music listening or video watching.

Aside from that aspect, the update comes with improved touch responsiveness and enhancements of the WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, plus the usual security patches and the Vulkan API. This is the same software package that graced the Shield Tablet K1 last month and brings the security patch to the June 1st 2016 version.