Office 2013 was announced last week and today we get to see a free preview version of Office 2013, tested on a Win 8 Release Preview tablet PC. The model is HP TouchSmart TM2 and it was tested by the guys of Pocketnow. What they liked the most about the new Office is the new OneNote MX, a Metro UI version of One Note, that’s compatible with the Win 8 UI.

Thanks to it, the user can view all types of compatible content created in the desktop version of One Note. The Office 2013 applications are launched in the standard desktop fashion, meaning that they are less touch-oriented than OneNote MX. Office 2013 is a cloud connected solution, meant to work well on Windows 8 tablets. It’s based on document collaboration and on the go access to various documents. Microsoft will also offer an on demand subscription version of Office 2013, that can be made available via streaming from Windows 7 or Win 8 machines, so you can sync docs and settings.

Microsoft is focused in this new release on the actual ability to create a new Word document on a Windows PC and continue working on it on a Windows Phone device or Windows 8 tablet. Home users will be able to store documents in SkyDrive via cloud and businesses can go with the SharePoint services. In Office 2013 the ribbon is still there in each app and that minor hint of Metro style makes an appearance , with the associated apps fitted well into Windows 8. You can customize the background of the Office toolbar with various style options and you get a Touch Mode feature in each Office 2013 app. More details in the video below!