Analysts are very optimistic concerning the evolution of tablets in 2011, specially with Nvidia gearing up to include its dual-core solution on many devices. Ambrish Srivastava, semiconductors analyst with BMO Capital Markets claims that he expects Nvidia chipsets to be part of many tablet PCs next year.

The optimistic approach was spotted during a December 13th call with investors, summarizing a recent BMO trip to East Asia. Sristava and a couple more analysts visited over 30 tech companies on the continent, reaching the conclusion that Nvidia’s Tegra chips were favored for the upcoming tablets.

First introduced in 2008, the Tegra line has the advantage of high power and low consumption. The solution has yet to become a standard on smartphones, but it’s going to, at least in 2011 when at least two companies will use the chipset on their handsets. Nvidia Tegra 2 will spawn the very first dual core smartphones on the market, with the same being said about tablets.