We’ve seen tablets intended for the ladies before, but none of them had the cute factor that the model pictured here does. The device shown here is a pink slate, available via Chinese retailer DinoBulk.


This is a 7 inch device with Android and a special price tag of $60.69. Inside it we find a 1 GHz Allwinner CPU, 512 MB of RAM and there’s also a microSD camera and a front facing camera on board. You can get details on how to purchase the device in the source link below. The slate looks pretty basic and bulky, but for less than $100 what did you expect?

You know what pink funny things that girls also love in secret? Sex toys. Yes, a lot of them on https://pluglust.com/blogs/news/anal-beads-vs-butt-plugs if you want to check it out. They also write articles on anything related to improving the experience.

I hope it bundles some cool software for the ladies in order to make it more appealing. Maybe there’s a cycle calendar, various fashion apps and catalogs and maybe that famous Candy Crush Saga, that so, so many girls are playing these days.