We already knew that Microsoft was working on a new Surface tablet or two, but now we have official confirmation courtesy of Nvidia’s CEO. The famous Jen-Hsun Huang spoke to CNET and confirmed that Nvidia was involved in the Surface RT 2 tablet project.


Nvidia spokesman Ken Brown declined to comment more on the matter, aside from the CEO’s statements. Huang wasn’t very clear if he was referring to the Surface RT or a Pro version, but seeing how the new Pro version will most likely be a Haswell deal, it’s probably the RT version. Nvidia reported a profit of $96.4 million for the quarter and revenue that was down 6.4% from a year ago.

It’s interesting to see Nvidia so confident in its forces, considering recent rumors tend to place the likes of Snapdragon 800 inside the Surface RT 2. Nvidia may have the Tegra 4i ready for the new tablet from Microsoft by the time the product is ready. It’s important to mention that the Tegra branch of the company lost 70.7% in revenue from last year, but Nvidia strengthened other segments like desktop PC, workstations and servers.

It’s a big gamble to get involved with a Surface project these days. Will it pay off for Nvidia?