Barnes & Noble is expected to launch a new Nook Color tablet later in 2014 and this time Barnes & Noble will resort to outsourcing to make this product possible. The company has lost less money than previously in the last quarter as their development ceased and production narrowed.


B&N resorted to outsourcing, that’s the secret. Nook hardware, digital content sales and accessories was still down over the last quarter, compared to a year before, but now third parties will handle the new Nook model, in hope to deliver a more appreciated product. Nook losses narrowed greatly as the company achieved its objective of selling much of the pre-holiday inventory.

We have no idea what the tablet will look like and what specs it will have, but I’m pretty sure it could come at the end of the summer, close to the back to school time, when we usually get a new Amazon Kindle Fire and pupils are excited to get new slates.