Barnes & Noble debuted a new Nook e-reader, this time a 7.8 inch model priced at $199.99. It’s dubbed Nook Glowlight Plus and it’s available exclusively in stores starting today and online starting May 29th.

B&N Nook Glowlight Plus has 8 GB of storage and a larger battery than its predecessors. It packs a front lit display screen and color temperature system, plus you will be able to use the device by the pool, since it’s waterproof. The e-reader was engineered with a soft touch finish, so it’s easy to hold for larger periods of time.

It has page turning buttons on both sides, for right or left handed use. It’s all about the summer time reading basically. We have no official specs listed just yet, but previous leaks mentioned an audio jack, WiFi and Bluetooth. The screen can adjust itself to lighter or darker areas and deliver a cool white tone for daytime reading, then switch to a warmer white at night, being easier on the eyes.

Weeks of usage on a single charge are promised here and you can sync this device with your existing ebook library.