Although yesterday’s news about a 10 inch Nokia tablet referred to it as a 10 inch device available in cyan on AT&T, today we get a picture that tells a different story. The device shown here is available in red and it’s headed to Verizon.


The product will run Windows RT 8.1, as expected from a Snapdragon 800 model, that has a frequency of 2.15 GHz. There’s also a 10.1 inch Full HD touchscreen on board with 5 point multitouch and 32 GB of built in storage, plus micro HDMI, USB 3.0 and Wireless N Cell. As expected, the design is not too far from what the Lumia lineup offers, in terms of looks.

The device looks surprisingly thin and the case seems made of metal or polycarbonate. As you can see, the device is easily held with one hand, so we’re dealing with a 10 inch tablet that’s easy to hold on to, probably being very light. Expect to see a launch of the product at the end of next month, when a Nokia event is scheduled.