Nokia Tab is a mere concept tablet right now, but it’s still an interesting vision that Cameron McKinnon has on the very first Nokia Windows 8 tablet. Last I heard, MS was preparing such a device for mid 2012, although no official confirmation came. Till we get that, let’s check out this huge 14 inch slate with a design inspired by the Nokia N9 handset and the Sony Tablet S model.

What’s impressive here, aside from the curved 14.3 inch display is the 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss technology that’s present on this slate. It also has Xenon Flash and there’s even a front camera with Microsoft Kinect motion capture present at the front of the device, if you want an interesting bonus to a regular Win 8 tablet. The gizmo manages to still measure 12mm in thickness, which is a real feat, considering the rest of the specs. This device also comes with 64GB or 128GB of HDD space, plus a SD card slot and SIM card slot.

WiFi only and WiFi + 4G versions of the tablet will exist, packing microUSB 2.0 ports and USB 3.0 ports as well. Nokia’s concept tablet is based on Windows 8 ARM Edition and its design relies on ergonomic curves, the good implementation of physical buttons and lots of gestures for tablet control. The sloped screen certainly reminds me of the Sony Tablet S and since I didn’t like that tablet, I’m also not so thrilled about this one. What do you say?