Last week we were are tingling inside when we heard that Nokia’s outgoing chairman Jorma Ollila announced that the company is preparing non-phone form factors. The mentioned hybrid devices and tablets, but now Nokia says that people read too much into his words and said that “what Mr. Ollia was misconstrued”.

The statement comes from Nokia spokesperson Keith Nowak, who told eWeek that the segment of tablets and hybrids is only being watched by Nokia, but no product announcement has been made just yet. Nokia doesn’t want to commit on delivering a tablet just yet, because they might not deliver on the promise. Experts believe that Nokia is actually waiting for Windows 8 to arrive in order to launch a tablet, with speculations saying we might see a Qualcomm-based model in Q4 this year.

Ollila announced that he will be stepping down from the Nokia board in 2010, a move that shows the Finns are looking for fresh blood in the company. This didn’t help the handset maker much, since the Lumias are failing to take off and if the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices made by Nokia aren’t a success, the company is doomed.