Nokia just debuted a few new products and already there are leaks about even newer releases. One of them is the Nokia Illusionist, a device mentioned by @evleaks on Twitter as a model with stylus support.


We’re not sure what pattern Nokia is following with these codenames (Bandit, Sirius, Illusionist), since they sound like names from movies or comics. Anyway, since we’ve got the stylus thing we can imagine this one is a phablet with some special and kickass apps installed. Nokia already stands out of the crowd through those impressive camera apps and HERE apps, as well as some cool multimedia software.

Now they need to make a name for themselves in the area of photo editing and note taking, with a rival for the S Note. Keep in mind that @evleaks said stylus support, not a stylus bundled with a device, so don’t go expecting a Nokia Note anytime soon. We could also see something like a 7 inch tablet with these features…