Nintendo Switch came out of nowhere and blew everybody out of the water, with huge sales. It did so well, that Nintendo is getting ready to launch a successor. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it has a time frame for release, Summer 2019.

The info is out courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, who has the info from Nintendo’s suppliers. Nintendo intended to sell 20 million Switch units by March 2019, when the console would become two years old. However, back in June this year they already reached 19.7 million units. The refresh seems a bit fast, but there are actually things that could be better.

For example having a mere 6.2 inch HD screen when the iPhone XS Max comes with a 6.5 inch display… not enough! Nintendo is said to be debating hardware and software details, but for now the Journal speaks about screen upgrades. They won’t switch to an OLED on the Nintendo Switch 2, but they’ll keep using a LCD, an upgraded one. The newer LCD tech from smartphones will be put to work, with a better energy efficiency, higher brightness and a slimmer panel.

We don’t have other info about upgrades, but one can assume we’ll get new Joy-Cons, a better Tegra CPU (or maybe some AMD or Snapdragon CPU). I also envision moving to Full HD on the go and 4K output in desktop mode. I’m also pretty sure that Ninty will bet on AR and a potent camera with this release, perhaps even a VR headset companion. I guess we’ll learn more at E3 2019.