The Nintendo NX tablet/console has been leaking a lot lately, surprisingly I’d say, seeing how gaming consoles leak much less than smartphones for example. Anyway, it appears there’s a new set of theories today, sparked by the association of Google Project Tango with the Nintendo NX.


We wrote quite a while ago that Google had certified a Project Tango NX-74751 tablet and the NX bit of it had us curious. Seeing how Nintendo promised AR features for the NX console and how cozy they got with Niantic and Google’s AR solutions thanks to Pokemon GO, it all makes sense. In the meantime we also recorded some leaks, related to the device’s specs and price.

The Nintendo NX is now said to play games on cartridges and it should also support 4K streaming for Netflix, as well as 1080p and 60 FPS for gaming. A price of $299.99 is thrown around and a Spring 2017 unveiling has been speculated. The price applies to a base model and a bundle will cost $399.99. There’s talk of the console coming with 4 games, possibly a new Mario and Zelda included.  Detachables controllers are also a possibility and if you ask me, Android is an option too.

Sources also say that the packaging of the NX will be slightly larger than the Wii U’s. Sounds mint to me!