These days on the tablet market we had a couple of changes, more precisely two of the most popular brands announced their new flagship tablets called Google Nexus 9 and Apple iPad Air 2. Today, we have the chance to see one of the first hands-on videos with the newly HTC Nexus 9 that is below.

Screenshot (1098)

This video is presented by the guys from VnReview who received a test unit model of the Nexus 9 tablet. In terms of dimensions, this tablet weighs 430 grams and measures only 7.9 mm in thickness, making it very easy to hold in hands. While the side bezels are thin, the ones from above and under the screen are a little bit thick, elements that makes the tablet easier to hold in landscape mode.

As we can see, the Nexus 9 brings 2 front-facing stereo speakers, an LED flash and a protruding 8-megapixel camera on the back that is a little big compared to other sensors found on tablets. We can see that the tablet was also tested in AnTuTu where it got over 54.000 points. Will you buy this new device once available?