Although it’s been many months since the Nexus 7 was launched, we’ve yet to play with its accessories, such as the long awaited dock, that’s been roaming around the web in leaked pics. Now the product is finally listed on the Google Play, for $29.99.


Google has also set up a limit of two per person. The dock charges the tablet via the pogo pins and is also used as an audio output via a 3.5 mm jack. The listing at Google mentions a 1 to 2 week shipping time, meaning that you may even get it earlier than that. Folks who have previously used a Nexus One dock or Galaxy Nexus dock should know that they’re getting pretty much the same thing here.

You plug in a microUSB charger and then place the tablet in the dock and you’re all done. The dock will also activate the Daydream screen saver feature that’s available with Android 4.2, with the default one being the desk clock. Keep in mind that the dock only charges the slate and offers audio output and it doesn’t sync to a computer.