It’s very important to know what the score of the latest mobile platform released on a certain series of devices is, so you can actually get an idea of how popular it is and how well device makers are doing. Mobile analytics firm Mixpanel has the figures related to the iOS 7 and KitKat adoption and you can see those below.


It would appear that iOS 7 has been adopted on 90% of devices, while KitKat is under 10%, or better said 8%. The news about iOS is great for developers, who are very interested to know who exactly they’re making apps for. Android continues to suffer from fragmentation, mostly because we’re dealing with a much larger palette of devices and device makers.


iOS 7.1 is already accounting for the majority of visits to Mixpanel’s partner apps and sites since it was made available on March 10th. Between that date and today, Mixpanel got 31% of visits from 7.1 devices, while 29% were generated by iOS 7.0.6. What do you think the solution to a better Android spread is?