The Nexus 7 came to the market half a year ago and it’s only now that we’re getting to see some official accessories for this device. The Verge got some info through a reliable source, plus some real life pictures of the accessory. We’re dealing with a Nexus 7 dock here, one priced at $39.99 in USA.


ASUS will sell the product for 24.99 quid in the UK. The first leak of the price in USA comes from New York City retailer B&H. This is basically a plasticky base station, nothing to fret about, since even back in the days of Palm or Casio palmtop we had such devices available. Thos one comes with a mini USB port, a 3.5 mm audio jack and… that’s it.

The sad exclusion of a HDMI port disappoints us greatly. At least you can play music through external speakers and if you’re looking forward to some other Nexus 7 accessories, there’s no word on that from ASUS, not yet at least. We’re looking forward to the following accessories and maybe some more devices, this time for the Nexus 10, if possible, but that’s Samsung’s job not ASUS.