Vivitar is a company that doesn’t ring any bells, unless you start associating them with the One Laptop per Child Association. Vivitar announced at this year’s CES that they intend to launch 3 different slates this spring, designed specifically for children and families.


The model pictured above is one of them, the XO Learning Tablet, that will come to major US retailers, starting with Walmart. The slate has a 7 inch display, it runs Android and it’s based on the new XO Learning System software. The software is oriented towards children and learning programs intended for little ones aged 3 to 12. It allows users to choose dreams related to the professions they want for later on in life.

Vivitar also announced a device called the Camelio Tablet, that has add-on personality kits. These allow the user to customize his styling of the 7 inch Android slate using favourite characters. This means that a children in elementary school can turn his tablet into a Hello Kitty-covered machine or maybe a Power Ranger or whatever kids like these days. A personality kit costs between $20 and $30 and it unlocks licensed branded content, like wallpapers, widgets, music and books.