It pays to have a Nexus device in the house, I guess… While other device owners have to wait weeks for a root toolkit, Nexus 10 owners get theirs only a week after launch, which is pretty cool. The toolkit makes it easy to apply the root and perform some root related features and that’s available even for users who aren’t familiar with command lines.

You can unlock your bootloader, root the slate, then install USB drivers on our PC, flash a recovery and backup parts of the system. The tools are so nice, that people actually donate to get full access and fully take advantage of the slate’s functions. Thanks to this rooting you can install correct adb/fastboot drivers automatically on Win XP/Vista/7/8, both 32 bit and 64 bit. There’s also the ability of backing up and restoring a single package or all apps, user data and internal storage.

One can also backup the data and media and create a full Safe backup of the entire data. Everything is easy to use and easy to work with, so there’s a 1 click for all to unlock the bootloader, root, rename the restore file and flash custom recovery. BusyBox can also be installed and a full NANDDROID Backup can be done on your system. Did you root your Nexus 10?