The Nexus 10 Samsung tablet has been available on the market for months now, but another review can’t hurt, right? The folks of iSource have chosen to analyze the latest Nexus tablet and see if they can get accustomed to it, especially when moving away from iOS.


The source of the review had good things to say about the tablet, but the issues came when the analysis reached the build quality of the device. Also, inconsistencies of the Android UI were criticized and in the end, the reviewer had to go back to the iPad. However, one thing is for sure: the Nexus 10 has one kickass display, at 2560 x 1600 pixels, it has very fresh generation of Cortex A15 processor and 2 GB of RAM.

The price is also great at $399 and back to the display a bit, the folks of iSource said that the color reproduction and clarity are spot on, clearly better than on the Nexus 7, that its flaws. The screen could be brighter, but that’s not a major issue. Speaker placement is also praised with the two front facing speakers described as a good idea. More info can be found in the full review and while it’s overall positive, it’s still not enough to move away from the iPad.


  • DeianStancu

    From a “multi-user” point of view, Android is only better at handling Flash sites (yes there are many even in 2013), watching OnlineTV with streams, and personalizing/customizing more -apps and widgets.
    IOS is much better at gaming, thousands of Retina games (Android has 0) and the IOS platform is more polished and has virtually no lag in handling apps and games.
    And, as I said on the forum, IOS games are much better looking, have more textures and effects, because Nexus 10 hardware is weak at gaming. And some other tablets too.

    Even Nexus 7 struggles at Nova 3 and Tower Raiders 3.


    I had been user of ipad and galaxy tab and never i read such article so bad with two images and 20 words (almost). is it a “review”?