Skype has launched version 4.6 of the application for iOS, meaning the device has hit the iPad as well. You get fixes, improvements and a new and redesigned UI and experience. Among the issues fixed we find the problem with the dial pad/in call buttons showing incorrectly during a call.


The new call screen is now more polished and looks better. The functionality stays the same and everything works the same, so no worries about adapting to the experience. If you’ve used the app regularly you’ll notice changes right away and feel that we’re dealing with a cleaner and more modern UI. Among the problems solved we find that the conversations are now showing up in the correct order.

The messages from conversations won’t be listed as edited unless they have been edited. The popover has been dismissed from the incoming call screen and the cursor focus has also had all bugs fixed, now allowing easier text editing in the profile. People have still found some issues, like the fact that in conversations, the last scroll position won’t be saved and users have to log in again to see the chat/SMS button.