We informed you a few days ago that a future release of a Windows 10 build would include Edge browser extensions. Well, that functionality has arrived and it has associated an explanatory video below.


Starting with build 14291 for the Windows 10 Insider Preview, the extensions are available for Edge. Extensions are, just like in Chrome, programs that let you personalize and add new features to the browser. Windows Insiders can access aka.ms/msedge-extensions and the list will include Microsoft Translator, Mouse Gestures, Reddit Enhancement Suite, AdBlock and more

There’s a special menu for extensions within the options area of the Edge browser. Over the next months we’ll see more and more extensions appearing, as they’re ported from Chrome. Redstone will bring them to commercial users this summer, from what we know so far. These extensions are available on the PC and on tablets and hopefully they’ll crash less than those on Chrome.

Speaking of which, I’m curious if we’ll ever get a Chromecast extension on Edge.