While Apple’s iPad sold over 1 million units in just a month, some folks in the biz think they can match this performance with an even more brilliant product. Among them there’s Intel VP Mooly Eden who recently said that we should all stay tuned for Computex, as far as the tablet market is concerned. This announcement was made during an Investor Meeting and could signal the launch of an Intel tablet.

Mooly also mentioned that users need multitasking on such devices and that dual-core is the way to go, if you want to do several things in parallel. We’re guessing that a brand new tablet could be announced at Computex 2010 and it will run Windows 7 or Google Android, perhaps even Intel’s own Moblin software.

An Intel tablet with dual-core processing would certainly take the cake, but who knows what other companies like HTC or Samsung might come up with.

[via android.mobilitydigest.com]