It’s been almost a year since the sixth gen iPad came out and it’s high time we saw a successor. Rumors about an iPad Mini 5 have been swirling around, plus a new replacement for the 9.7 inch iPad, that brings a 10 inch screen this time around. Today we have more info about the seventh gen iPad.

The slate will keep its Touch ID fingerprint scanner and also its 3.5 mm audio jack. The info comes from a report from Mac Otakara, a solid source from Japan. We can’t yet tell what the diagonal size will be. One supplier claims it’s 10 inches, while others talk about 9.7 inches like the last year model. The sixth gen iPad is priced at $329. which is quite an aggressive and appealing price, that drops for schools and educators.

It also has Apple Pencil support and a Touch ID fingerprint reader. The seventh gen model will probably get a CPU bump and the same design, but maybe also slightly cut bezels. Apple has confirmed an event taking place on March 25th, focused on a video streaming service, but they may also unveil this iPad then. Apple Pencil should be here yet again, perhaps the new generation being supported this time.