Let’s face it, the Galaxy Note 3 was an excellent device, but the S Pen it had was pretty much the same one as the Note 2, at least physically. That’s why Samsung must wow us with something really impressive come Note 4. And they have just the patent for that…

samsung patent digital pen

The US Patent & Trademark Office published two digital pen applications from Samsung this month. They reveal a communication mechanism integrated into a stylus, allowing it to make and take phone calls and an improved grip mechanism. A future Samsung S Pen may be used as a wireless headset, which is something that ASUS also tried with the older pen bundled with one of its PadFones.

samsung patent digital pen 2

Then the documents mention an improved grip mechanism for the stylus, since people tend to be dropping their pens often these days, apparently. The idea of a stylus doubling as a communication device is not new, but it certainly sounds appealing, if Samsung can do it right. And on the grip side, Sammy wants to extend the grip of the S Pen and configure the accessory so the extension of length induces more grip.

A protruding grip will help with that. What do you think of these innovations?