Last week was all about Samsung’s new foldable device, teased via a showcasing of its screen panel. Today we uncover a new patent for a future foldable, also from Samsung. Unveiled by Patently Mobile, this new approach seems to go past the Infinity Flex Display.

Samsung was criticized for showcasing a bulky demo device, so it may be looking into slimmer formats. The device shown here is not very skinny either and it seems to have a pretty small hinge. This is very likely sized like the Galaxy F, meaning it has a large 7.3 inch screen when unfolded and two 4.5 inch screens offered separately when folded. 5G services should turn this into a platform for consuming content on the go.

The US Patent Office has published these sketches, so they’re as legit as they get. We see an audio jack, charging port, speakers and the hinge expanding and contracting. This product is meant to serve more purposes than one: e-reader, laptop replacement, phone, video game console and PDA. It’s also a media player of course and a camera. I look forward to learning which parts are flexible here and whether or not the battery and motherboard have foldable parts too.

Samsung filed for this patent in April 2018 and it was only published in USA over the past days. Seeing how Huawei is the main patent achiever over the past half a decade, I’m pretty sure they have their own foldable coming and perhaps even a lawsuit or two against copycats. Samsung may resort to the same tricks.