Nexus 4’s launch brought with it some problems related to the fact that the source code and factory image were not release in full. Those issues were solved, but Nexus 7 2 comes with a similar baggage of problems. Jean Baptiste Queru was very upset about the issue with the factory image of the new Nexus 7.


He tweeted that lawyers sabotaged the launch he worked 6 months on and also reminded everyone that Google didn’t release the factory image for the Nexus One, so HTC had to. This means we should expect ASUS to take the matter into their own hands. Also, this means that we’ve got 3 Qualcomm-based devices that had such issues with factory images.

Non Qualcomm devices didn’t have the problem, legal or not. We can’t help but wonder why Google didn’t circumvent the thing, by going with Tegra 4 maybe. And in the end Jean Baptiste Queru left the AOSP Team being tired of all this nonsense. By the way, for those of you supporting the use of Nvidia tech, well they haven’t been very forthcoming on sharing with the Linux kernel project either, so there’s that.