We all know that Apple is already working on a successor for the iPad 2, but it appears that this model might not be called the iPad 3, after all. The info comes from analyst Craig Berger and FBR Capital Markets, through a research note.

The usual supply chain is used as the source and we now know that the product could be called the iPad 2 Plus. No production schedule was mentioned and if this name is real, than some employees from China are going to jail again for leaks, most likely. The deal here is that an iPad 2 Plus will be more of an upgrade to the iPad 2, instead of a total revamp.

Thus, it’s not fit to call a minor upgrade the iPad 3, considering the tiny difference between the new model and its predecessor. This wouldn’t be the first time that Apple chooses to launch a minor revamp of a product, as this happened with the iPhone 3GS, serving as the upgrade for the 3G model. Meanwhile, the company was working on the truly new iPhone 4…

In the end it’s the product that matters and not the name, right?

  • Deian Stancu

    This is the most idiotic move ever from Apple. Ipad 2 IS just a minor upgrade to Ipad1, so this crap tablet is going to be what? An upgrade to an upgrade?

    If Apple wants to keep its customers and milk them from their money, then they have to launch a total different product, because Ipad 2 is nothing special from first one.
    Even if iFans are stupid to buy Apple crapware, they aren’t that stupid, are they?
    I mean, if I was an Apple fanatic, I would expect something total different from third Ipad….. Not just “same Mary with different hat”, right?