Apple’s newest tablet took off in 9 more countries this Friday, reaching a total of 57 countries that have the iPad 3 available. Apple launched the slate in 21 countries this month, after the debut it had in March. The entire iPad series continues to be a success, as the company from Cupertino reported this week that it had sold 11.8 million iPads in Q2, without specifying how many of them were iPad 3 units.

Last I heard, in the weekend of the debut, the iPad 3 sold around 3 million units, so I guess that the figure is already impressive now. We’ve reviewed the tablet right here and as I said there, there’s no reason to get this tablet if you have the iPad 2. If you don’t have any tablet and own $500, you can go with the iPad 3, of course if you’re not fond of Android, since you could as well get the Transformer Prime from ASUS for example. The advantage that Apple has is its huge number of apps, around 600k, of which 200k are for the iPad.

Meanwhile, on Android we have maybe 10 times less apps for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich on tablets… if not even less. This is a problem that both Google and developers should be working on, but sadly nobody’s doing anything about it, so that’s why the iPad is dominating the slate market.