After the famous problems of Foxconn in China, with the cluster suicides, low pay, low morale and some problems with working conditions, now it appears that the Foxconn plant in Brazil has problems. Recent studies and documentaries have shown that life and work in the Chinese plants has improved, but what about the Brazilian ones?

Factory workers at Foxconn’s Brazilian factories are complaining of poor conditions, such as overcrowded buses, poor food and lack of water. They also threatened to go on strike unless the issues are solved by May 3rd. Workers met on Monday to speak out their concerns and gave the company 10 days to fix them, or else over 2,500 employees will go on strike. Foxconn recently hired over a thousand workers, but they didn’t adapt the working conditions for that and didn’t increase the number of buses. They also had to ramp up supplies, including water, brought in with special water trucks that were recently contracted.

A representative of the employees said that he feels optimistic on the outcome of the talks and that the Foxconn crisis could be gone without the need of a strike. The report didn’t mention if the workers were the ones serving on the iPhone production or the iPad.