The New iPad is all over the news these days and it was so even two weeks ago, but in two weeks time, everyone will move on and start gossiping about the New iPhone. In the meantime, we have another look at the Retina Display, with its 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution and check it out under the microscope, courtesy of Engadget.

We’ve seen the Retina Display under the microscope before, but that was when the display panel was leaked together with some iPad 3 components. This time the screen is powered on and shows us its subpixels in all their splendor. The unit analyzed by Engadget was a 64GB WiFi iPad that put under a microscope able to go to 230x zoom. As you can figure out, the human eye can’t distinguish one dot from the next, so imagine 3 million pixels in that 9.7 inch diagonal…

Now, with the scope you can see these two pictures here, that show tiny red, green and blue dots, that are now much smaller on the iPad 3 than the iPad 2. The advantage here is that text is easily legible without needing to pinch to zoom for that and icons and smoother, plus pictures are sharper. Does that appeal enough to you to get a new iPad?

  • No, it doesn’t 🙂 Retina Display is still marketing, the quality of the image is due to the Samsung display and the very high resolution. Let them do the same for the Transformer that will have 1920×1080 resolution 🙂

  • Ipad3

    I just picked up and  looked at an iPad 3. Honestly, if I had picked up an iPad 2 I wouldn’t have known the difference. Seems only a microscope makes the upgrade worthwhile.