After the frenzy of people having their iPads signed onscreen by president Obama, it appears Apple has developed a new technology tailored for those autograph moments. Apparently, now you’ll get able to get autographs on ebooks, movies and music albums.


There’s a brand new patent landed at the USPTO, describing a way for an author or artist to digitally sign autographs on ebooks or digital media with a special app. With the aid of the iBookstore, an iOS device user can hold his favourite books on his device, hundreds of them, all in the cloud. Well, now you can get those book signed by your favourite writers, of course if they’re alive.


The patent may focus primarily on ebooks, but there’s also the ability to extend it to other digital formats, like music or videos. One of the concepts to apply this requires a specific page or hotspot, that can be signed by the author. There are also methods for the user to choose the insertion point of the signature.

The author’s device will have to use appropriate credentials in order to get in contact with the user’s content. Or you can go the Bluetooth or wireless way and transfer the autograph from close by…