We’ve heard rumors over the past days that the iPad 5 may get a Space Gray version and now we get a glimpse of the iPad Mini 2, finally assembled and pictured in gold. The pics come from Asia, as usual.


It would be logical for Apple to release more products with the gold color, after the success of the iPhone 5s in the gold version. As you know, this device has been sold out in this color version quite fast and that’s considering there should be already 10 million or so iPhone 5s units sold. It’s not yet clear if the iPad Mini 2 will pack a Retina display or not…


We’ve heard several rumors saying that we shouldn’t expect a Retina screen this year, but rather next year, as the mark 2 version will only enhance the CPU and battery. We take everything with a grain of salt and expect the middle of October to see if the iPad event is real or not, as previously rumored.