Apple has a very interesting patent granted today, one that covers a method through which two coworkers can cooperate at a distance using FaceTime layered on top or in the background of productivity apps. There’s also the ability to view each other’s screens during the FaceTime call.


The patent granted by the USPTO refers to “interactive application sharing” and discusses how multiple users share and collaborate on project in app. One example that comes to mind is the Google Web-based productivity suite or Microsoft’s Office. Add videoconferencing and remote screen functionality in the mix and you get the idea that Apple is proposing here.


Real time sharing is the key here, with video streaming being the tool to do that. Documents mention a first user, who initiatives a collaborative session with at least one other device and establishes a wireless connection. Interactive application sharing follows, with specific app data traveling between users. App data can be overlaid on top of a FaceTime image or viceversa.

Does this sound great or what?