Adonit is a company that makes some of the best iPad styluses on the market and now they’re releasing an app called Forge, to go with their hardware products. The software is designed to work with Adonit’s pressure-sensitive Jot Touch stylus.


The software works with any generic stylus and even the user’s finger, by the way. As the pictures integrated within the article show, the drawing app comes with five tools, a quick color selector and the rest of the screen pretty much empty for you to play with. The UI is minimalistic and feels a bit like Adobe’s Line and Sketch apps. You can change brush sizes and adjust color choices fast and in an intuitive way.


An interesting aspect here are layers. Forge’s support for layers is something that you can’t quite find in regular drawing apps, so that’s a welcome bonus. With Forge you can move a layer from one page to a new one and keep making new designs and sketches. The app is available for free, but there’s a limitation of how many files you can save. Or you can pay $3.99 and get rid of the limitation.

The app can be downloaded here.