We’re on the Mobile World Congress 2011 floor these days, having a look at the most appealing gadgets available, which include the very hot HTC Flyer tablet you can see in action below. Announced today during HTC’s press conference, the 7 inch slate uses an unibody design and it’s shown in action by a HTC booth fellow. This hands-on is performed for us, sister siter GSMDome and sister site Mobilissimo.ro.

The unit sports a 5MP camera at the back, a HDMI port and volume keys on the side. There’s a 1.3MP camera upfront and the device runs Android 2.4 with a touch of Sense UI on top. The stylus plays a big part in the experience, allowing you to jot down things while using the e-reader. You can also use it to draw on pictures or take notes on them.

Highlights are supported in the e-reader and overall, the feel of the device is great! When you rotate the tablet to landscape, the buttons at the bottom rotate as well, so media playback is a breeze. For now the virtual  keyboard only works in portrait mode, but that will change. We’ll be back with more hands on later! Till then, remember that this device will support an upgrade to Android 3.0 Honeycomb, at some point.