It appears that many Nexus 7 users are starting to experience problems with their devices, as they either die early or lag a lot. The problem here could be caused by cheap memory, apparently.


Dustin Early from AndroidAndMe has an editorial talking about the issues, saying that he can’t find a single person with a Nexus 7 that hasn’t had problems and a “massive downgrade in performance”. People complain about lag of even 10 seconds after picking up the device and they say that the lag is “horrific” and crashes and reboots are a common problem.

People are blaming the Android software for not maintaining the SSD memory and others blame the RAM quality. Users have tried rooting the device and installing hacks to help them with the Android problems with storage. Apparently also disabling Google Currents helped many users and annoyed users even reported to full device wiping to get control of the Nexus 7 again. Are you having these issues? If so, would you replace your tablet with a Nexus 7 2?

  • AndyC

    I must be lucky. All seemed good once 4.2.2 was installed. Mine’s a 32Gb Wi-Fi only model.

  • ryan brevard

    I have the N7 32G Wi-Fi model as well and I’ve yet to experience any of the issues described above. Could you maybe posts some specific examples of lag or rebooting and the conditions they did so under.

  • Mike Bronski

    I am a power user of my Nexus 7. I use Fast Reboot before going into intensive applications and experience NO LAG PROBLEMS! BTW, I am just a user, this is not a commercial endorsement.

  • rcfx

    I’ve had mine almost a year and it’s as awesome today as it was new! Use it every day, it’s rooted and I do regular maintenance in recovery.

  • Jeffery L

    My nexus 7 is very laggy compared to when I bought it 9 months ago. I don’t have it rooted and think it’s sad that to make the device work better you have to root. After about an hour of use I have to reboot because all activities start to slow considerably. Even simple tasks like typing on the keyboard. I would not buy another nexus device. Everyone I know who has one has similar complaints even the root crowd. Wish I had one of the devices the other posters have because mine is a huge disappointment.

  • Dave

    Not one of these issues has plagued me on my Nexus 7 32gig model running 4.2.2

  • cmattick

    Read about this yesterday and was surprised. My 32GB Nexus hasn’t shown any of the issues mentioned (not noticable, anyway). But a commentor mentioned Forever Gone app to clean up the SSD. I ran it and have noticed (barely) a slight speed improvement. Worth a try, although it takes a while to run if you have lots of free space… about 2 min./GB.

  • David

    No issues here. Using it a lot daily since 9 months. 16gb wifi model.

  • Bigdady

    No problems with the N7 but my asus t300 is a mess with all the abpve mentioned problems and then some.

  • smc

    Had mine almost a year. Use it daily with none of these problems. Just don’t let the battery die out.. That little issue plagued me for a while.

  • jgomes7

    Mine is the 16gb WIFI model and the only issues I had were because I wanted to play on it while its battery was critical, so the screen kept blinking, it turns off, can’t turn it on, etc… After charging it, it worked beautifully. I’ve got 50% of disc space available though. But yeah, not rooted, using it every single day, and working smoothly like the first day I put my hands on it.

  • Gertrude

    I am another lucky fan of the nexus series who hasn’t witnessed this problem yet

  • Terry from NY

    I purchased 2 16GB wifi nexus 7 tablets (one for me and one for my gf) in August 2012 so its been almost a full year. I use mine for work, play, and everything else. I’m on it the majority of every day including right now. After a while, it slows a little but with little effort these issues are resolved easily. I use all in one toolbox to end unnecessarily running apps and to clear my casche. I also have forever gone installed and have run it a few times. Still to this day both my gf’s and my nexus 7s work perfectly. My nexus out performs all other tablets every time I put it to the test and is better than most desktop computers. I have to suspect this article was written by an ipad supporter. Nexus 7 is by far the best tablet ever, and ill def be buying a nexus 7 version 2, if for nothing else for the rear facing camera and to show my appreciation for the first nexus 7.

  • Terry from NY

    So far 13 N7 users have posted here, and only one person had anything bad to say. So Dustin Early, whoever the crap you are, now you know atleast 12 out of 13 nexus 7 users who aren’t having these problems. 13 out of 14 if you count my gf. Total bullshit Dustin.

  • JO

    Quick question: how much memory do you have remaining?

  • Terry from NY

    I have 6GB of free space…if you taking up all of your memory is the reason behind your device slowing, that is a user problem (your fault), and not a problem with your device. You should know by now that all devices slow down as you fill up the memory. Doesn’t matter if were talking about a desktop PC, a smartphone, anything. If you are running out of room on your N7, uninstall all apps you don’t use, then dl “forever gone” an app that overwrites all of your deleted files with blank files…this should fix your problem. You’re welcome 🙂

  • JO

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll check out “forever gone.” However for the record, I’ve 8gb left on my 32gb n7. I’m thinking that should be more than enough for a properly functioning device.

  • Erik Jensen, Denmark

    The new speciel App FOREVER GONE (SD card cleaner) will fix the problem with slow respons, crash and lag on ALL ASUS products. Fixed at last all my problems with my old ASUS TF101, TF700, and my NEXUS 7!

    This app will fill your SD Card with many blank files(*.blank), then delete all of the *.blank files.

    This will ensure all deleted files on your SD Card are overwritten.

    — Forever Gone (SD Card Cleaner) — 4.5 star of 5!

    Do you know the data of deleted file still remains on your intern memory SD or card although you have deleted it? This makes all ASUS product slow and laggy as time go.

    Technically, after you delete a file, its data still remains on physical space. The deleted file can be recovered by any “File Recovery” apps unless there is some file written over that physical space.

    Forever Gone is an app that will create blank files (*.blank) to fulfill your SD card and then delete all of its, so all remaining data of your deleted files will be overwritten.

    This app useful if you have been deleted some private files such as photos, video clips, movies, sounds or documents etc. You should use this app to clean your SD card to ensure that your deleted private files can not be recovered by third-party anymore.

    To clean your internal memory or SD card is so easy, just click “Clean Free Space” button, then wait until the cleaning process finishes. This process may take one or two hour time depending on the size of free space. You can leave this process working in background and still use your unit.

  • Erik Jensen, Denmark

    Visit XDA and look how many that looking for help with lag and crash.

    Luckily a new app called Forever Gone will work for all, – promise.

    Olso, if you didn’t notice any big problems with your memory yet, itt will work. Most dramatic effect on our ASUS units (they use their own chip)

    Please share this advice with others forums, I think all ASUS owners realy deserve some help with their laggy unit, becouse it welknown that ASUS rather will sell us a new unit, then fix problem with old ones.

  • Jon

    This is terrible news. My Nexus 7 js fine. No issues whatsoever. But if it starts dying anytime soon i will be extremely dissapointed cause my garanty is ending soon too
    Also i am not buying the Nexus 7 2 because its not a nVidia Tegra. That was a huge mistake. The #1 reason i got this tablet is because of the Tegra processor. NVidia is amazing and makes the best processors.

  • Terry from NY

    Does anyone hear an echo in here?

  • john florek

    +1. I came here to complain about the propaganda, but you convinced me to upgrade when the 2 is available. Nicely done Terry.

  • androidica

    Sadly I have to agree that the Nexus has some quality control issue and does lag after a while. I bought two of them one from Google and one from sams club not longer after it was released. My wife’s till now is snappy and responsive. Mine has been laggy and slow, sometimes I wonder what did I do to my nexus. I have reset it twice, android 4.2.1 and recently I did it for 4.2.2 after several weeks of unbearable lag. Its much better but its just not like it was. Even right after reset its no match compare to my wife’s. You can name all the tips except for rooting I have tried it all. I currently have my money ready to purchase the second generation.

  • brutalpanther

    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones so far.I have the 32gb model.And maybe Google reworked some things.Not sure.Are the users that are having problems using the 8 and 16gb versions???.I use my all the time and its packed with games and apps.And yes i’m drooling ,just waiting to pick up the next 7

  • koz

    I haven’t had any problems with my Nexus 7 either. I wonder how many people the author found with problems?

  • darren

    Wiping the cache fixed all my lag issues

  • brusher

    Ive had 2 occurences of the device rebooting for strange reasons… one was running the youtube app the movie screen got corrupted and then it rebooted… Annoying…

    The second time i was on the preferences pane, about to look at the app section when it rebooted instantly…

    Have not been able to replicate these errors…
    I got these two errors almost right out of the box and updated to 4.3… i thought my battery was gone but it just rebooted…
    Strange Stuff..

  • anoniem

    I am just having this nexus 7 for only one week and today I discovered that the nexus 7 is the biggest waste of money ever! It started crashing a couple of days ago and now I can’t do anything with this tab. The tablet doesn’t react to any of the touches on the screen, even not after a factory reset. I am choosing a language for a hour already and it still doesn’t go to the right language I want to have! Is there something I could do? I will probably call the store where I bought this stupid thing and ask my money back ór ask for a new one, if my tablet is just ‘one of a kind’ that crashed after only one week…(which I don’t think so after reading so many bad reviews about the same problem)

    Never buy this, 🙁 it is a waste of your money.

  • Faith

    Just got one of these from school, otherwise I never would have thought twice about it. No more than 5 min playing around and its crashed on me twice (both times while watching YouTube videos). Its a huge inconvenience to have to do so much modification just to make it functional. Way too ambitious for its capabilities, there is no point having so many features if it can’t run them properly. I want to watch YouTube videos, not spend an hour learning how to root a tablet…