Sister sites editor Zsolt Tamassy is reporting live from MWC 2011 these days and he brings us a nifty scoop: a Toshiba Tablet video demo. This hands-on can also be found on our sister site and, but for now you can enjoy it here. And what a fine product we have here! Learn more after the break!

We’re dealing with a 10.1 inch Honeycomb device, as you might have figured out. We don’t yet have an official product name, but what’s certain is that this baby means business. It will adjust contrast and brightness if you need it and it comes with dual cameras (2MP front, 5MP back). HDMI is also on board, through a special port, as well as the ability to use a dock for extra connectivity.

The Toshiba Tablet battery is removable and provides around 8 hours of work, which is surely a challenge for the BlackBerry PlayBook slate. No price or launch date yet, but the show is not over and details will keep pouring in!