Russian carrier MTC has just introduced locally the Huawei S7 Ideos slate, bearing the operator’s branding and running Android 2.1 A couple of free apps were provided by MTC as well a new way to manage the mobile account, a TV viewing program and more. This 7 inch slate comes with the specs available after the break:

Huawei S7 Ideos is a name we’ve been hearing about, but we’d never expect it to premiere in Russia, specially under a different branding. Here’s the specs list of the device:

  • Dimensions: 209 x 108 x 15.5mm
  • Display: 7 inch, 800 x 480 pixels
  • OS: Android 2.1, Android Market support
  • Connectivity: GSM/3G, WCDMA, WiFi
  • Memory: 4,5GB, microSD card slot
  • Other features: Chrome Lite browser, HD playback

The unit is available in 250 Russian cities for $383 with a MTC contract.