Forget about investing in a 4K TV and a console for now, since there’s already talk about mass production of 4K tablets and 4K games coming to your backpacks soon. Apparently, tablet makers like Samsung and such want to beat the iPad to the premiere of this technology.


Qualcomm was present at MWC 2014 and they were there to test a 3840 x 2160 pixel Android tablet, with very positive results. Asphalt 8 was being showcased in this fashion and the brawler Injustice: Gods Among US and both looked stunning. Even though they were not designed with 4K in mind, upscaling did the job and they looked impressive.

Qualcomm is prepared to start shipping the Snapdragon 805 CPU to device makers, powering up 4K displays on tablets. Now it’s up to the Android device manufacturers when and how they will roll out the tablets. This should start in the summer and the only question here is the battery power needed for such a monster screen.